Podularity at the Davisville School

2017 | M.Arch Project

Podularity is a response to the existing condition at the site of the Davisville Junior Public School. It expands on the vocabulary of the original 1960’s mid-century modern Davisville School by establishing a framework for natural expansion as the area densifies and more school area is required. This solution retains the existing building, which is at considerable risk of demolition. This strategy reverses the tradition of demolition and reconstruction on the site, and sets a precedent for future institutional developments in the downtown area.

This design is an attempt to break the seemingly perpetual cycle of demolition and reconstruction on this site. It takes the vocabulary of the existing school and reinterprets it with the language of contemporary design. Using the precedent of the programmatic pod separated by glazed breaking spaces, a systematic grid is established that not only respects the original design, but provides a framework upon which future expansion can be built. The existing building is retained and repurposed as a community centre. The core elements of Podularity are:

  • Systematic grid framework
  • Horizontally expandable system
  • Clusters of related programming
  • Glazed breakout spaces
  • Banded strips of solid form and open space

This project was done in collaboration with fellow graduate students Daniel Petrocelli and Shea MacDougall.